Interested in a website/app like Goodreads, but designed for kids?

BiblioNasium is just the thing – ‘a free, protected social network for children aged 6-13 designed to engage, encourage and excite young people about reading.’

Children can win prizes for reading, build their own virtual library, and connect with friends. Parents can see their child’s progress, as well as find books that are appropriate and related to their child’s interest. This website/app is also beneficial to educators, with BiblioNasium, they can tailor reading programs to students’ individual needs, foster peer-to-peer support, as well as track students’ progress.

BiblioNasium seems very promising and I wish I had this when I was younger. I strongly believe that young children will love it, and (at least in my school) I feel their isn’t enough emphasis on the importance of recreational reading. Overall, its a great resource that should be used in every school, and at home.

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